What awaits you in Berlin?

We will see, amongst other sights, the Brandenburg Gate, the Government Quarter, the Gendarmes Market, Museum Island and will visit monuments such as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Berlin Wall. We will also discover aspects of local life, the green oases of the city and its natural expanses of woods, lakes and waterways.
Apart from the city and nature walks, our fasting cures – depending on program – include further activities such Opera or Concert attendance, a Lake Cruise or relaxation in an exclusive health spa.

We take care of all organizational matters
so that you can concentrate on the discovery of Berlin and your health!

How do the city walks take place?

Our city walks differ from conventional sightseeing tours. Whereas with ordinary city tours, the participants spend long periods admiring, photographing and listening or questioning, we avoid interrupting our walks. The reasons for this are firstly to remain true to the principal that moderate, uniform and relaxed physical effort should accompany fasting.
Secondly, conventional sightseeing tours, because of the high “data flux“ and sporadic movements, cost the participants a lot of energy and the purpose of fasting is to revitalize the participants, not to exhaust them.

Berlin walk information

Nevertheless, we do hand out information sheets on the walks and their sights so that participants can learn more over what they see in greater detail. Of course, we are personally available to answer your questions before or after the walks and are delighted to tell you more about our city.

Facts and figures on the world’s greenest metropolis:

  • With an area of 892km2 Berlin is as big as the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt-am-Main put together.
  • The city consists of twelve districts, each with its distinct quarters and centers. Fully a 25% of the city area consists of woods and parks and 10% of lakes and waterways.
  • There are over 2,500 public green spaces and recreational areas, 77 lakes, 11 rivers and 10 canals.

Facts and figures on berlin’s cultural entities

  • Over 175 museums and collections
  • About 300 private and public galleries
  • 3 opera houses
  • 150 theatres and stages
  • Over 250 public libraries
  • 130 cinemas
  • 150 historical buildings and castles linking nature culture and history throughout the city
  • Countless cultural centers.