What awaits you at Fastenwandern in Berlin?

Fastenwandern und HeilfastenThree to four hour walks (10-12 km) through Berlin’s countryside and city await you combined with rest and reflection, cultural and healthy group activities as well as fasting-specific catering.

Fasting per Buchinger

Our fasting follows the preferred and proven Otto Buchinger method which is characterized by alternate periods of physical and mental activity and periods of rest and relaxation. A limited calorie consumption of 250 kcal per day in the form of fresh fruit juice and vegetable broths is provided, the broths being prepared on the spot by the fasting coach and the fruits pressed by the hotel staff. Participants can freely supplement their consumption with a wide range of teas, mineral water (in glass bottles), fresh peppermint, ginger, lemon, honey or agave syrup from the hotel premises.

What are the advantages of the buchinger method?

The Buchinger method reinforces the health benefits of fasting while minimising side effects such as headaches or dizziness.

Physical activity and fasting

Increased blood circulation improves oxygenation and and the supply of nutrients and enhances the detox processes


Stimulation of the metabolism and of the lymphatic system, furthers regenerative processes.


More fat is broken down and less protein consumed


The musculature is protected, improved and relaxed.


Physical movement generates heat which compensates the missing heat-energy of the reduced digestive processes.


Sport has a stabilising effect on blood-pressure and thus helps both those who suffer from high and those who suffer from low, blood pressures.


Eventual feelings of dizziness as well as head and back aches are minimised by the fasting nutrition provided.

Psychological stability

Physical effort makes you happy!

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What is the philosophy of fasting and hiking?


Fasting and Hiking is a holistic treatment, meaning that it addresses both the physical and psychological needs of the being. This is in contrast to other kinds of fasting as, for instance, in religious fasting which aims to mortify the body in order to elevate the soul; soul and body being considered separate entities.

Also, purely body-oriented fasting such as that which aims to lose weight quickly, is not in keeping with the philosophy of Fasting and Hiking.

The three dimensions of fasting
The holistic method of Fasting and Hiking recognises three dimensions: the physical, the psychological and the social.
Through the combination of fasting with walking in Berlin’s beautiful countryside and city, exposure to history, culture and art, through social interaction of the participants and through periods of rest and reflection, wide-ranging physiological and psychological processes are initiated.

The Physical Dimension

This includes bodily processes which are triggered by fasting and which lead to scientifically proven, short and long-term, health benefits. These include improvements in heart and artery conditions (heart attacks and strokes) and metabolic illnesses (e.g. type 2 diabetes).

However, promising results from animal and human tests suggest that diseases such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and chronic aging complaints and age-related processes can be positively influenced in as much as they can be delayed or avoided altogether simply by fasting. Thus fasting can also be considered a preventative measure.

Fasting causes:

  • weight loss
  • joint-stress relief
  • elimination of excessive storage (water, fat, salt and protein)
  • detoxification of the body via the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, skin and lungs
  • risk-factor reduction and stimulation of self-healing processes (immune and lymphatic systems)
  • beneficial changes in habits and life-styles (alcohol, tobacco, fast-food etc.)

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The Psychological Dimension

In the first days of fasting, the participant is aware of the physical processes triggered by the fast, for instance, the way the digestive system is calmed by the suppression of external nourishment.
However, latest by the third day, awareness shifts towards psychological changes.

You discover and experience:

  • awareness and perception of needs
  • confidence in the capabilities of one’s own body
  • clarity of mind and improved problem solving
  • creative thinking and new ideas
  • personal strengths and talents
  • spirituality

We deliberately plan longer recovery phases into our fasting program during which, the participants can find time for contemplation and meditation. It is perfectly reasonable to spend this time alone and to concentrate purely on one’s self.

Thus the participant can, for example, meditate by the lake or stroll through the woods, swim, watch the sunset, take a nap on the beach, read a book on a park bench or simply rest in the hotel room.

The Social Dimension

The bodily, intellectual and spiritual experiences which result from Fasting, Hiking and Contemplation are further enriched by the Social Dimension. The experience of one’s own bodily and mental changes can be compared to those of the other participants.

As though in a looking-glass, one begins to recognize one’s self in others and thus arises a sense of communion with and trust of the fellow participants. This overcomes social, cultural, religious and age differences, gives way to a tolerant, open and uncomplicated social interaction.

The Advantages of Group-fasting are:

  • exchange of experience between like-minded people
  • strengthening of interpersonal relationships
  • mutual support
  • strengthening one’s sense of community.

The positive group-experiences boost the physical effects of fasting and the mental and spiritual strengthening boost the psychological effects of the fast. Thus, the group’s social interaction completes the holistic approach of Fasting and Hiking and contributes decisively to the success of each fasting cure.